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Friday, April 30, 2010 @ 10:02 AM
Ang plastic nya...

nung magkakasama kami ang tahimik nya,pag magka-text kami ang bait nya tapos nlaman ko na sinabihan akong "panget" ?! panget pala a...then don't talk to me,asa ka kakausapin pa kita !


@ 12:31 AM
Oh Lawd !

changed my layout and my button :) link me.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010 @ 8:43 PM
Bad morning :(

I opened the pc after they used it tapos biglang gagamitin daw ulit ! bakit indi nya gamitin yung laptop! Pag sya ang gumagamit hindi nmn ako umeepal !oh dahil epal lang talaga sya ! tpos nung sinabi kong ayoko he twisted my head and that really hurts ! Then I shouted "ouch! epal ka talaga!" sabi nya "alam ko matagal na"  sabi ko "oo!" tpos sinabihan akong "ampanget mo,ampanget panget mo! muka kang......." sabi ko "oo talaga! ikaw na ang pogi" ewan ko ! kung hindi lang nya ko sasaktan kanina ko pa sya sinagot na ang yabang nya,masyadong nagmamagaling.And sometimes I just wish he's not my brother!


@ 11:05 AM
I'm an addict :))

2:00 in the morning!I'm still on the front of the computer,listening and picture viewing :) @music part I just heard Eenie meenie by Jbiebz ft.Sean Kingston.Minsan Mr.Bieber nkakasawa ka na kasi super mahal ka ng fans mo at ang boses mo kala ko babae ang kumanta ng one time and I just found out it's the dancing boy with the hair flips :) Then I listened to strawberry avalanche and shalala by full house also tea party by kerly :)

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@ 9:49 AM
I got one!

The past goods were sold ! I didn't get one :( so ... I wait until it's open again.She is selling bottled goods and I got one for free! :) and I'm using it for my friendster account. 

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@ 2:12 AM
I do nothing all day :)

summer,the best ka.ikaw ang nagturo sakin ng mas malalang katamaran sa buhay :). Sa gabi hindi ako makatulog kakaisip sa Fb,tumblr,twitter at blog ko kaya 3:00 na ako namamahinga.Gigising ako ng 2:00 para kumain sa hapon,manunuod at magcocomputer hanggang gabi,kakain sa harap ng computer habang ka-chat sila. ang galing mo tlga :)


@ 2:08 AM
What's for the midnight snack? :)

Lucky me.Baked & cheese and Baked Mac something like that.Nagugutom ako so I bought 3 packs of it,ang konti kasi ng laman ng isang pack para sa P14.00 ! And I matched it with sprite :) yummm...so cheeeeeesyyyyyy :))


Wednesday, April 28, 2010 @ 4:45 AM
Tried to edit..

Baby it's a trash.But you can get the code for sites and some accounts.You can request buttons,graphics,edits, & banners :) thanks to Tinypic.com for quick photo coding!

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@ 3:30 AM
Meet up :)

april 28. I'm with my old classmates and I miss them but I have exceptions (I dont want to mention who) Kinapos kami sa pictures ! hehe pro meron pictures si katherine.Hiya kame e may mga other planetary beings kasi kaming kasama... :)) pero ayos lng we watched a movie. "The  Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009)" directed by Terry  Gilliam starring:
Johnny Depp - Imaginarium Tony#1
Heath Ledger - Tony
Colin Farrel - Imaginarium Tony#3
Jude Law - Imaginarium Tony#2
Lily Cole - Valentina
Christopher Plummer - Dr.Parnassus
Andrew Garfield - Anton
Verne Troyer - Percy

-I got home @ 6:00


Tuesday, April 27, 2010 @ 5:07 AM
I just remember...

@april's place,eating pancit canton and water melon :)

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Monday, April 26, 2010 @ 6:17 AM
2nd day

Eto na ang 2nd day,I havent put any music here.uhm...before blogging I went to somewhere kapagod at nkakahilo rin :) so un lang ... next time nlng ako mgpopost ng pictures.Excited na ko sa meet up namin sa 28 ! sana payagan ako ni mama...sana may pera ako nun LOL ! I'll be wandering out to seek fun!


Sunday, April 25, 2010 @ 3:13 AM

April 25,2010 I got my google account and just decided to open a new blog.meeohdoll.blogspot.com name is inspired by my name mixed wid nice word.Thanks to photobucket,blogger,photo editors for building my add ons pretty complete.I reached 12 midnight arranging these pages and thank God.I'm quite done.I will soon post some resources,images,my friends link to plug their account ( you can be there too!) so let's be friends ! *I m e e.bot